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Certificate Course in Bidri Art

Program Outline

The Certificate Course in Bidri Art at Leonardo da Vinci School of Design is a specialized program designed to immerse students in the exquisite world of Bidriware, a traditional metalcraft form originating from Bidar, Karnataka, India. This comprehensive course aims to teach the intricate techniques and cultural significance of Bidri artistry, providing participants with the skills to create beautiful Bidri pieces.


12th Pass or Diploma in Dress Designing and Garment Manufacturing from Govt. Polytechnic


1 Year

Key Featrures

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SR.NO NAME Organization
1 Dr. Monika Aggarwal Chairperson, Dean Faculty of Design, MGM University, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Email id: [email protected].
2 Dr. Milind Dhobley Professor, Dean, MIT School of Fine Arts & Applied Arts, Pune
3 Jitendra Pawar Assistant. Professor, Department of Fine Arts MGM University, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar
4 Rajesh Rameshkumar Shah Assistant Professor, Department of fine Arts MGM University, MGM University, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar
5 Mr. Dinesh Sapkale Expert in Industry, Art Director -Brand & Graphics, Spline communication Address: D 505,Sr. No. 39,15/16B, Ambegaon BK, Pune-46
6 Dr. S.S. Ambekar Expert in Academics, Expert in Industry, Assistant professor: School of Design (Dept. of Fashion Design) MIT-World Peace University, paud Road' Pune Maharashtra.
7 Dr. Ganesh Tartare Expert in Research Organization, Professor, Address: Sir. J. J. School of Art, Mumbai

A 6-month certificate course in Bidri Arts can provide you with specialized skills in this traditional Indian metalwork craft, which originates from Bidar, Karnataka. While a certificate course may not be as comprehensive as longer programs, it can still open doors to various career opportunities in the field of Bidri Arts. Here are some potential career paths and opportunities you can explore after completing a 6-month certificate course in Bidri Arts:

Bidri Artisan: After completing the course, you can work as a Bidri artisan, creating traditional Bidriware pieces. You may choose to work independently, collaborate with Bidri workshops, or become part of a collective of artisans.

Bidri Workshop Manager: With experience, you can manage and oversee the operations of a Bidri workshop, ensuring the production of high-quality Bidriware and the training of new artisans.

Craft Educator or Trainer: Share your expertise by becoming an instructor or trainer in Bidri Arts at craft schools, vocational training centers, or community workshops. This role involves teaching and passing on the skills to the next generation of artisans.

Artisan Entrepreneur: Start your own small-scale Bidri Arts business, designing and producing Bidriware products for sale in local markets, craft fairs, or online platforms.

Artisan Cooperative Member: Join a Bidri artisan cooperative, where you can collaborate with fellow artisans to produce and market Bidriware collectively.

Museum or Gallery Specialist: Work in museums or art galleries as a specialist in Bidri Arts. This role may involve curating exhibitions, managing collections, and educating the public about Bidriware.

Bidri Art Restorer: Specialize in the restoration and conservation of antique Bidriware pieces, working in museums, cultural institutions, or as an independent consultant.

Art and Craft Exporter: If you have a keen business sense, you can explore opportunities in exporting Bidriware products to international markets, promoting and selling this traditional craft globally.

Craft Researcher and Writer: Conduct research on Bidri Arts, its history, techniques, and cultural significance. Share your findings through articles, books, or academic research.

Bidri Art Retailer: Open a retail store or online shop specializing in Bidriware, sourcing products directly from artisans or workshops.

Bidri Art Consultant: Offer consulting services to organizations, businesses, or artisans seeking advice on Bidri Arts, including design, production, and marketing strategies.

Craft Development Officer: Work with government agencies or non-profit organizations involved in craft development and promotion. Your expertise in Bidri Arts can be valuable in preserving and promoting traditional crafts.

Bidri Art Collector: Develop a personal collection of Bidriware pieces and potentially invest in antique or rare items.

Craft Tourism Guide: If you live in or near a region known for Bidri Arts, consider offering guided tours to visitors interested in learning about the craft's history and witnessing artisans at work.

It's essential to build a strong portfolio showcasing your Bidri Arts skills and creations, as well as to network within the craft community to access job opportunities and clients. Additionally, staying updated on trends and innovations in the field of traditional crafts can enhance your career prospects in Bidri Arts.

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Ms. Anjali Khot

Ms. Kavita Rajput

Mr. Sujit Gulve

Ms. Asma Minhaj Khan

Ms. Shivani Khedkar

Ms. Pragati Shyamrao Thaware

Dr. Adya Tiwari

Computer Lab

The Computer lab caters the class of 40 students. List of Design Software accessible to the students:-

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDRAW AutoCAD

(All the computers have 24X7 internet access.)


IFD Total books. 601 volume Total magazine 06 Volume 189

Total journal 03 Volume 30

COFA Total books volume 852 Total magazine 4

Textile Testing Lab

List of equipment’s accessible to the students: -Fibre testing equipment - Microscope

Yarn Testing Equipment - Beesly Balance Twist Tester Wrap Reel Motorized Crease Recovery tester GSM Round Cutter Fabric thickness tester Tearing strength tester

Washable platform for Chemical Testing with a sink at the corner For Mechanical Testing wooden platforms or tables with storage and a centre table for cutting of specimen and demonstration

Weaving Studio

Equipped with table looms so that students can create weave patterns.

Garment Construction Lab

Garment Construction lab is equipped with commercial sewing machines (Juki), drafting tables and white boards

Pattern / Draping Making Studio

The Pattern making studio is equipped with drafting tables, dress forms and white boards.

Display Arches

Exhibition Area to exhibit students, work.